Event Preview

April 13 - 16, 2023

The ISU World Team Trophy
Tokyo, Japan

First staged in 2009, the ISU World Team Trophy is a popular bi-yearly tradition. 2023 will mark the eighth time that the event has been held.

The top six countries in the world are invited to this special event. Teams were determined by combined results from recent ISU Senior and Junior Championships, and the 2022/23 Grand Prix Season.

Each nation may send eight athletes (two ladies’ singles, two men’s singles, one dance team and one pair team) to compete for prize money and podium placements. There will be forty - eight athletes in total.

The ISU World Team Trophy is held over four consecutive days, with competition on the first three days, followed by a special gala exhibition on day four.

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ISU World Team Trophy Event Overview

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Previous ISU World Team Trophy event winners were:

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2009 USA Canada  Japan
2012 Japan   USA  Canada
2013 USA  Canada  Japan
2015 USA   Russia   Japan
2017 Japan  Russia  USA
2019 USA Japan Russia
2021 Russia USA JPN

The following countries & athletes (subject to change) will be at the 2019 ISU World Team Trophy:

Team Canada
Team France
Ladies' Singles
Ladies' Singles
Sara-Maude Dupuis
Lorine Schild
Madeline Schizas
Léa Serna
Men's Singles
Men's Singles
Stephen Gogolev
Kevin Aymoz
Keegan Messing
Adam Siao Him Fa
Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier
Evgenia Lopareva / Geoffrey Brissaud
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime Deschamps
Camille Kovalev / Pavel Kovalev
Team Italy
Team Japan
Ladies' Singles
Ladies' Singles
Lara Naki Gutmann
Mai Mihara
Anna Pezzetta
Kaori Sakamoto
Men's Singles
Men's Singles
Daniel Grassl
Kazuki Tomono
Matteo Rizzo
Shoma Uno
Charlene Guignard / Marco Fabbri
Kana Muramoto / Daisuke Takahashi
Sara Conti / Niccolò Macii
Riku Miura / Ryuichi Kihara
Team Korea
Team USA
Ladies' Singles
Ladies' Singles
Kim Ye-lim
Jason Brown
Lee Hae-in
Ilia Malinin
Men's Singles
Men's Singles
Cha Jun-hwan
Amber Glenn
Lee Si-hyeong
Isabeau Levito
Hannah Lim / Ye Quan
Madison Chock / Evan Bates
Cho Hye-jin / Steven Adcock
Alexa Knierim / Brandon Frazier
Event Calendar
ISU World Team Trophy
Tokyo, Japan
April 13 - 16, 2023
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