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November 30 - December 6

2019/20 Australian National Championships

The 2019/20 Australian National Figure Skating Championships will be held at the O'Brien Icehouse in Melbourne's Docklands from November 30 - December 6, 2019.

More than 500 skaters, couples and teams will be striving for personal best results, podium placements, and international assignments.

Competition will be judged in singles, pairs, dance, and synchronised skating across primary, intermediate, novice, junior, senior and adult masters divisions.

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Date Event Starting Time Scheduled Event
Saturday November 30 14:00 Advanced Adult Synchronised Free Skate
  14:25 Adult Synchronised Free Skate
  15:50 Junior Synchronised Short Program
  17:00 Basic Novice Synchronised Free Skate
  18:55 Senior Synchronised Short Program
Sunday December 1 12:30 Mixed Age Synchronised Free Skating
  14:20 Junior Synchronised Free Skating
  15:15 Advanced Novice Synchronised Free Skating
  16:10 Senior Synchronised Free Skating
Monday December 2 12:00 Basic Novice Ladies' Free Skating
  15:15 Basic Novice Men's Free Skating
  16:15 Intermediate Novice Ladies' Free Skating
  19:25 Intermediate Novice Men's Free Skating
    Intermediate Men's Free Skating
Tuesday December 3 12:00 Advanced Novice Ladies' Short Program
  14:50 Advanced Novice Men's Short Program
  15:20 Intermediate Ladies' Free Skating
  18:10 Basic Novice Pairs' Free Skating
    Adult Pairs' Free Skating
  18:30 Adult Silver Ladies Free Skating
  20:20 Adult Silver Men's Free Skating
Wednesday December 4 12:15 Junior Ladies' Short Program
  15:10 Junior Men's Short Program
  16:00 Advanced Novice Ladies' Free Skating
  18:50 Advanced Novice Men's Free Skating
  19:40 Adult Gold Ladies' Free Skating
Thursday December 5 12:15 Junior Rhythm Dance
    Senior Rhythm Dance
  13:00 Junior Ladies' Free Skating
  16:05 Junior Men's Free Skating
  16:55 Junior Pairs' Short Program
    Senior Pairs' Short Program
  17:20 Senior Ladies' Short Program
  19:00 Senior Men's Short Program
Friday December 6 11:00 Adult Masters Ladies' Free Skating
    Adult Elite Men's Free Skating
  11:30 Adult Elite Ladies' Free Skating
  12:05 Senior Men's Free Skating
  13:25 Junior Pairs' Free Skating
    Senior Pairs' Free Skating
  13:50 Senior Ladies' Free Skating
  15:40 Junior Free Dance
    Senior Free Dance

Event Calendar
Australian National Championships
Melbourne Docklands
November 30 - December 6, 2019
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